Monday, March 15, 2010

Pi Day + 1

Pi day celebrated on 3/14 (sometimes at Pi time at 1:59:26 p.m) celebrates the unique irrational number pi. I remember in grade school celebrating with pies, possibly pizza, and other round foods that embody pi.

A dino comic about pi

Pi is approximated as 3.1415926535..., this website has calculated it to the millionth digit. My calculus teacher in high school had memorized a thousand digits the last time I remember. Why anyone would need to know a thousand digits of pi, I'll never know.

You can search for certain number strings in pi (my birthdate occurs after the millionth digits of pi). And even listen to the pi rap or do Pi day activities.

This article summarizes the superiority and geekiness of pi.

Different types of pi

And I found this somewhere on the internet:

The formula for volume of a cylinder:
V(cylinder) = pi * radius^2 * height

For a pizza of radius "z" and height "a".
V (pizza) = pi zz a


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