Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Math Awareness Month

I'm getting ready for Math Awareness Month (MAM) by putting together 30 days of every day math. I hope to make these real world examples of math that we are doing on a daily basis. Some of these examples apply to everyone, some are more targeted towards students while others are more "adult" types of math (think taxes!). I tried my best to pull from lots of aspects of life, but I think I found a decent amount of math that I personally deal with on a day to day basis.

Check in on the 1st of April for my first posts and expect new ones to come out every day for Math Awareness Month! It's my goal to get people to realize how much math we are surrounded by, how much we participate in math, and how much we depend on math to live.

Think you aren't good at math? Think you don't like it? Think again! It's everywhere!


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