Thursday, February 4, 2010


I want to apologize for the length of my posts. I try to keep it short, but I end up telling a story of what happened at tutoring. Then I add in commentary, and side notes, and the pictures.

Blogs are interesting in that way I guess. Long blog posts usually turn people off and they skip over to the next thing. In a time of technological ADD, diminishing time and financial resources, and ever increasing numbers of interesting blogs in the interwebs, it's understandable.

In some ways, I don't notice the length because I'm documenting what happened, what was so significant about the events, and how to improve my tutoring skills. If anyone has suggestions for shortening my blog posts, please comment or send them my way!

So I'd like to thank anyone who has read through my blog, read through one entire post, or just glanced at the length of a post and came back later to read. Thank you!

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