Monday, February 8, 2010

Fish fish fish fish fish fish

I've been perusing through the blogosphere to try and find content that applies to math tutoring and math topics. Turns out there are lots of math nerds out there. And I thought I was the only one. Though statistically speaking that's impossible...

My supervisor sent me a link to a new blog series on math from Steven Strogatz. Over the next few weeks, he'll be covering math topics starting with elementary number sense to higher order math concepts.

So far, it's been very relevant to understanding how children develop math concepts and build on math proficiency. His first post includes an introduction to numbers as presented by Sesame Street. The second blog post in the series talks about groups and patterns.

This one blew my mind!!

I'll try to keep everyone updated on the blog and the main points of the articles. If you have time, check out Mr. Strogatz's blog for yourself!

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