Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Math Education Funding

So I've been looking for math and tutoring blogs to read through and learn more about math and science education. I have a few resources and links that I will be putting up tomorrow, but today I'm going to talk about this article that I found at Wild About Math.

It's about a $200 million donation from Intel to support Math and Science programs and educators. A large portion of the money will be going to professional development and training for math and science teachers who are looking to expand their teaching practices. I hope some of that money will be going to support Boston Public School teachers. I'm hoping that Obama's "Educate to Innovate" campaign will be successful. In the press release, President Obama announced "new and innovative partnerships involving major companies, universities, foundations, non-profit organizations and government agencies" that will provide training programs for math and science teachers.

Video link to President Obama's speech on the partnerships

It's interesting also because President Obama's announcement today of a three-year government spending freeze threatens our education systems across the nation. BBC says "The spending freeze covers many domestic programmes and departments to which Congress allocates budgets each year, including agriculture, transportation and education...Security and defence spending, foreign aid, social security and spending on healthcare for the poor and retired would be exempt."

I'm not too sure what the implications of the spending freeze are or if it will actually affect education, but there's a good chance governmental funding towards education will be put on the backburner (very much like No Child Left Behind).

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